Windsor Skyline Care Center Testimonials

“I have RARELY and certainly not in years ever encountered such an across the board quality group of health caregivers as at your Skyline facility.  From the first phone call you and I had, you actually answered the phone! And you were compassionate and caring.  Every person I have spoken with since, Terry, Michelle, Lourdes, Vicki, EVERYONE no matter what hour (and I know how busy!) have ever hesitated to: 1.) Answer the phone 2.) Be kind, considerate, so helpful, answer my worrisome concerns or get back to me the same day with an answer.  I truly know their commitment to good care comes from the top down and Windsor values and you are treating them with respect, care and appreciation. You run a facility with integrity and remembering the priorities that these are people who deserve care, dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances.  Thank you and your staff for all you do that is not easy, especially in the face of the economy, high stress, increased need for such services.  How you have held onto your values and integrity I do not know, but I am grateful.”  - P.F.

“Just a quick note to thank the entire staff at Skyline for your dedication, professionalism and thoughtfulness.  You at Skyline should be commended for the work you do and how well you handle the difficult residents.  I thank you for the years of care that you’ve given my mother up to the very end.  You were her family for the past several years.  Again, thank you all and God bless each and every one of you.  None of you will ever be forgotten!”  - F.R.

“To all the staff and care givers! Thank you for your friendly smile, a gentle word, a helping hand, your kindness is such a blessing and so are you.  You are someone with a special way of bringing on the sunshine to other’s hearts.  Love to all of you.” - E.E.

“To all the CNA’s, therapists, nurses and administration staff-Just a note to thank you for the kindness and care you gave me.  I admire and love every one of you for your dedication.  May god bless and keep every one of you.”  - R.W.