Windsor Care Centers Participate in National Compliance and Ethics Week

Los Angeles, CA – Keeping up its tradition of encouraging employees to follow the highest of standards of corporate compliance, Windsor nursing and care centers across California and Arizona announced today  their participation in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week.  The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics &  Health Care Compliance Association (SCCE & HCCA) organizes the annual event, which scheduled this year’s event from November 4 through 10, 2018.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week is an extension of Windsor’s ongoing compliance and ethics program, which is overseen by Marissa Kirby, Compliance Director at S&F Management Company, a healthcare consulting company. Windsor care centers have a code of conduct that all employees are expected to follow.  The code calls on employees to act openly and truthfully in all their endeavors and avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Windsor’s team members played Compliance and Ethics Bingo to reinforce the Compliance and Ethics Program in a fun way.   Bingo winners were entered into a drawing for prizes.  Each team member was provided with an “Awareness, Recognition and Reinforcement” bracelet and inspirational quotes were shared each day.

“I am thrilled to use this week to highlight the outstanding record the Windsor employees have toward compliance and recognizing the compassionate excellence they bring to every facet of their work,” said Tim Lehner, COO of S&F Management Company.

Company-wide compliance and ethics education, held upon hire, and at a minimum annually, provides the opportunity to roll-out new and updated compliance and ethics program policies and reinforces with employees their compliance and ethics’ obligations.