Finding the Right Balance

One of the most difficult realizations any of us will ever face is that a loved one can no longer take care of him or herself - or receive adequate medical care while at home.

Whether short or long-term treatment is required, finding the right health care facility can present a real and unique challenge: Many facilities have a cold atmosphere and seem to be like mini-hospitals – while other facilities are homelike, but lack the medical expertise necessary to ensure health and comfort.

The Windsor Family Management strives to find just the right balance. Our Windsor centers are among the best privately owned and managed skilled nursing facilities in Southern California. Through design, construction, decor and personnel choice, we’ve worked hard to create a homelike environment which – combined with a highly skilled medical staff – allows our residents to experience the comfort and security they need to function at their highest capacity and optimum quality of life. These are the goals we strive to meet every day, and we know they are shared by you and your family.

We encourage you to use this website as an active resource: both to learn about the Windsor facilities near your neighborhood, and to learn more about the challenges of aging.