Testimonial Letter for Windsor Gardens of the Valley

We are extremely proud, and humbled, by the following letter received this week from a former resident at Windsor Gardens of the Valley.

Ms. Marissa Kirby, Administrator, Windsor Gardens of the Valley

My name is Hannah Switzer. I recently spent approximately two weeks in your facility for physical therapy. I have worked in the medical profession all my life. Every facility such as yours were so repulsive I would not send anyone there. I had to see a dear lady in one of these places and it smelled so strong of urine it made me nauseated.

When I was in Windsor Gardens [of the Valley] I had a very pleasant surprise.

My compliments go to Rose Banda (day shift) and Maria (night shift). They were patient with me and the same can be said with all the staff and physical therapy staff.

There is one “personality” who deserves a special compliment.  This “individual” is called “Mr. Windsor.” He always seemed to know when I needed special attention.

One more thing – I love your patios, especially the one with the dove fountain.

If I ever need residential care, I will call Windsor Gardens. Thank you and your staff for a very pleasant stay and a change of feelings towards facilities like yours.

Hannah Switzer