Emmi Programs: Online, Interactive Patient Engagement

Windsor is proud to offer Emmi – an online, interactive patient education platform.

What are Emmi programs?

Emmi® programs are a series of free, online, interactive programs that walk people through important information about a health topic, condition or procedure. They supplement information patients receive during their office visits or hospital stays and have been proven to:

  • Reduce the amount of time staff spends answering questions
  • Add value to existing educational resources
  • Improve customer service and patient satisfaction
  • Increase quality of care and promote patient safety
  • Engage people to become active partners and participants in their health and, ultimately, owners of their well-being

How do Emmi programs help?

Emmi programs engage people and improve their healthcare experiences. Using a conversational voice, they take complex information and make it easy to understand. They engage people when and where it’s convenient for them, on the devices they already own – computers, tablets, or smartphones – and are trackable, allowing providers to know their patients have completed their prescribed program.

What makes Emmi programs unique?

See for yourself – Go to www.GoEmmi.com and enter the code Windsor. Sample programs are for demonstration purposes only and should not be distributed to patients.