Subacute Care Providers

Subacute care bridges the gap by joining the sophisticated technology of a hospital with the efficiency of a skilled nursing facility. In our separate dedicated subacute units, Windsor’s specially trained interdisciplinary professionals lead the way in subacute care. We treat medically fragile patients with advanced technologies, sophisticated therapies and equipment, as well as compassionate patient-centered care. We provide services such as ventilator therapy, inhalation therapy, tracheotomy care, intravenous therapy, tube feeding, and complex wound care. Our mission is to arrest the subacute patient’s disease process, stabilize them, so they may return safely to their lives as soon as possible.

Severe injury or illness often affects the whole person – body, mind and spirit. In caring surroundings where residents and families experience the comforts of home, Windsor’s nurses, therapists, dietitians and case managers also offer social and spiritual services as well as enrichment activities.

Windsor currently offers four Subacute Care Centers in California: