Windsor Chico Care Center

“I have been in several medical facilities throughout the country, and Windsor Chico Care Center is the best place I have experienced.

From the minute I arrived, I received a warm welcome, and the staff made me feel important and cared about. It is hard to go through medical problems as it is, but with people who care, it makes the journey a whole lot better. I enjoyed the wonderful food, (I always anticipated the next good meal!) lots of activities, and a genuinely friendly and caring staff. The smiles, hugs, and laughter are truly the best medicine. I feel like I met a bunch of new friends. I plan on returning to visit some residents and say hello to the employees I got to know. It was really such a positive experience. I am happy to be returning home, but I will really miss all of those people I got to know at Windsor Chico Care Center.”

“The care my mother received at Windsor Chico Care Center was a very positive experience. Her rehabilitation goals were met with the support of the professional therapy team. The staff was positive and genuinely cared. The social atmosphere through activities was enjoyable and allowed my mother to have fun and meet other people too. Even after my mother was discharged home, the responsiveness of the staff to answer questions and provide support has always been available. This facility had a large heart.

Donna Henson, Daughter of Edna Keys